Collaboration: LandNorm (Japan)

KINTO has partnered with LandNorm, produced by outdoor brand Helly Hansen and the lifestyle brand Actus, to create a custom DAY OFF TUMBLER. Take a look and find out more about the collaboration.
Message from LandNorm
"In designing the LandNorm tumbler, we wanted it to be something that would be handy in the everyday life as well as for picnics and outdoor activities. With KINTO's tumblers, the color palette, curvy shape, and rounded handle for easy carrying was the perfect fit for the kind of lifestyle we wanted to suggest at LandNorm.

The excellent heat and cold retention it is just as useful outdoors as it is indoors, and above all we liked the mouth that allows you to drink from any angle. Because it is easy to drink from and easy to wash, we are confident it will be a trusty companion for any occasion."
"At LandNorm we value 'Friluftsliv', which is a Norwegian word meaning harmony with nature. It encapsulates the Nordic spirit of living a simple life in nature, interacting with nature whether you are indoors or outdoors in a way that is comfortable to you. To express this spirit we chose rock cairns, contour lines, and pine needles for our motif to be printed on the tumblers. We also included a small LandNorm logo and worked to create a design that can be enjoyed by users of all ages and genders.

Whether you are going out for a picnic in the park, day hiking or camping, lunching on the balcony, or working from home on a sunny day, we hope that the LandNorm tumbler will help you enjoy your favorite drink in nature."


LandNorm is a collaboration between the outdoor brand Helly Hansen and the lifestyle brand Actus. Inspired by Scandinavia, LandNorm offers apparel, furniture, lifestyle goods that blur the boundaries between the outdoors and the indoors under the theme “Friluftsliv” – a way of life deeply rooted in the Nordic tradition of living simply in nature.

Actus / @actus_press
Helly Hansen / @helly_hansen_jp