Let your day be filled with what inspires you.


Let your day be filled with what inspires you. Our passion is to create products that bring comfort and inspiration into the everyday life. To slow down and see the beauty of nature, to unwind and feel connected with your loved one READ MORE


Usability and aesthetics - KINTO values the balance between these two elements. We believe in products that are easy to use daily we value simplicity and elegance, and our products are designed to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding space. 


From small realizations to creation. Ideas for products originate from small realizations in everyday life. Drawing from actual experiences, we develop product concepts around lifestyles that inspire us. 

KINTO Journal

KINTO Journal Article Collaboration: OCIN

Collaboration: OCIN

Canada based swimwear label OCIN and KINTO have partnered to create a custom WATER BOTTLE. Take a look and find out about the story behind the co...

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KINTO Journal Article Collaboration: Pantechnicon

Collaboration: Pantechnicon

Pantechnicon is London-based, a new shopping and dining destination that spotlights both Japanese and Nordic craft. Pantechnicon and KINTO have p...

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