In Conversation with Fran Mart

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Fran Mart is a photographer and creative director specialising in capturing the essence of interiors and the beauty of natural environments. With a passion for slow travel, Fran spends much of his time exploring the country, working on personal projects, and collaborating with clients to create compelling visual stories.

In this article, Fran shares his morning ritual with KINTO at his studio in the Scottish countryside, discussing how the careful selection of tableware enhances his daily routine, adding a touch of artistry to his mornings.


"Rituals and habits have become an integral part of my life, especially since my work often requires me to travel. When I am home, these routines become essential to my day."


"While I don't have many rituals, there is one that helps me ground myself every day: breakfast. This daily practice is akin to a monastic habit, particularly when I'm in the countryside, where everything slows down, and there is time to appreciate the simplicity of such a humble routine.

I pour some granola, whip some yogurt, caramelize some fruit, sprinkle some seeds, and most importantly, brew some coffee. I sit and let the day begin, surrounded by the rustling leaves of the trees and sleepy fields of sheep."


"I choose my tableware based on my mood, often opting for pieces that bring a natural touch of something handcrafted. KINTO's NORI collection reflects an artisanal feel, something I always seek in the functional pieces at home."


"Life truly takes on a different rhythm in these northern climates, inviting us to appreciate and celebrate the little things in life."


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