Discovering the French Riviera

Maison Mastrorelli is a well-kept secret of the Cannes countryside, this historic stone country house with its authentic and typically Mediterranean character has been restored by Céline Mastrorelli to its original auberge purpose to welcome visitors for cozy, comfortable stay in the heart of the French Riviera. We are pleased to see that KINTO items are part of Maison Mastrorelli's decoration and hope our collections will bring comfort and inspiration to its visitors.

For years, Céline has led a professional career dedicated to promoting the French Riviera where she is born. She has always tried to open up connections, sharing and exchange through her experiences, whether musical, culinary or human and write stories in which everyone is free to enjoy their own experiences. Discovering this building in 2019 was a revelation for her, and a new starting point : to concentrate all her passions in a place where she could welcome visitors, friends, artists, creators and epicureans in a place of life, comfort, sun, laughter and music.
Céline shared her impression about the brand. "When I first saw the Slow Coffee brewer stand, I was fascinated by this sleek and stylish Brewer Stand Set. The set is made of unique materials walnut, brass and glass thoughtfully crafting, and carefully finessing. Often, it is difficult to reconcile comfort of use and aesthetic when it comes to everyday use objects. I tried to pay particular attention to the details in the house and the discreet elegance of the KINTO brand completely seduced me. The sobriety and clean lines are totally in line with the spirit of Maison Mastrorelli's decoration."⁠
Maison Mastrorelli

Caro Cuinet

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