Sports apparel brand HERENESS and KINTO have partnered to create a custom color TRAVEL TUMBLER. Take a look and find out more about the collaboration.
Message from HERENESS
"When it comes to everyday items, design matters. KINTO’s tumbler is not only beautiful, it is as pleasant to drink from as a glass or mug. We felt the simple and user-friendly design was a great match for HERENESS where we value comfort above all things. The tumbler is in CORAL ORANGE, a bespoke color to match our logo. We hope this tumbler will see lots of action as you go about your day, including of course, your workouts."


HERENESS is on a mission to spread the joy of “that sublime moment” that comes with exercise to as many people as possible. This is because HERENESS believes that exercise impacts people in a positive way, and helps us lead happier lives.

All HERENESS products are designed for comfort – if working out felt like a punishment, it would not be sustainable. HERENESS sportswear hugs the body like soft sunlight, helping your body feel good when working out. / @hereness_jp