NEUTRALWORKS. is a sports lifestyle brand that helps maintain your body and mind in a “neutral” position, enabling you to take actions anywhere, anytime. They shared with us their ideas behind creating an original WORKOUT BOTTLE with KINTO and their recommendations for using it.
Message from NEUTRALWORKS.
“At NEUTRALWORKS. we want to help users to maintain their minds and bodies in a healthy state (= a “neutral” position) by exercising well and resting well. This is why our product lineup includes conditioning wear for sleeping and resting, not just active work-out wear.”

“We chose to work with KINTO’s WORKOUT BOTTLE because of its material and shape. The material has a high level of clarity that conveys a clean, cool image, but with rounded corners it also feels friendly, a combination we felt goes well with our brand image. We also liked the strap that gives it extra portability, and the structure which is easy to clean. We found that the strap is very convenient when you want to carry it with a towel because you can carry it with just one finger. Because it can be taken apart, it is not only easy to wash but dries quickly, making it ideal for everyday use.”
“If you bring your new NEUTRALWORKS. bottle to our store, we currently offer a free 3D BODY SCAN and InBody analysis. We hope this will help you understand your body’s condition.” (See details here


NEUTRALWORKS. is a sports lifestyle brand that enables users to take actions anywhere, anytime by guiding their bodies and minds into a “neutral” position. They provide active wear, conditioning wear, work wear under the tagline “GET YOU READY”, as well as related content and services that support body conditioning. / @neutralworks