Setting a Table with Marieke Verdenius

Marieke Verdenius is a photographer and stylist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her studio is a multi-creative space, where she loves to create styling and settings for photoshoots. Besides that, the studio is also a place that she likes to share via her workshops, gatherings, culinary events, exhibitions, and pop ups.

What are your recommendations to dress a nice table?

My advice would be to choose neutral colors to create a solid basis.
For instance, the linen tablecloths I usually use are off white, oat colored or with a simple pine stripe. The tableware that I style it with is also often off white, light grey or light beige, depending on the theme of the setting. But I know how it always matches with each other.

I really love adding single pieces to my tableware selection, that you can combine easily with the other plates and bowls. And when I want to add some color, I simply search for linen napkins and candles. I am quite mindful when it comes to purchasing new items, I always want to make sure they mix well with what I already have. And a good way to dress it up in the same color palette is to choose flowers that also have the same colors!


What did you like in the CLK & KINTO Collection?

I really like the simplicity of the designs and the colors are so beautiful! It is a timeless collection that will never go out of style. The CLK collection is also very usable for different moments: from morning breakfast to a festive dinner for friends.


As a creative, what is your source of inspiration?

I am inspired by color, shapes, material, and patterns that can be found in everything that surrounds us like nature, crafts, art, food, people, books, architecture, and everyday life. Also, my grandmother is a source of inspiration for me, she also worked as a photographer and even though she passed away a long time ago, I feel that her story, creativity, and artistic eye still inspires me.


Can you explain the concept of The Gatherists?

The Gatherists was founded by me and my friend Margot to (re-)connect with like-minded creatives over coffee and cake. A very simple formula, that we never changed until this day. A small group comes together for a morning filled with conversations and inspiring talks. There is no program, speaker, or hidden agenda, we are simply curious to hear how other creatives live and work.

This summer we celebrated our 5th birthday and organized our 27th edition in Amsterdam. Hopefully many will follow! Especially after these last two years, we truly believe it is more important to get together and share your ideas and thoughts with each other in an informal setting. We feel very grateful that we can offer that space where everybody feels welcome and where you can be you. And what makes us even more happy is the news that some of these new connections have led to collaborations or even friendships!