Travelling with KINTO - Koh Phi Phi Island⁠

The photographer Pete Rudd shared with us his impressions while traveling to Koh Phi Phi Island. We enjoyed seeing how the new WATER BOTTLE accompanied him during his discovery of one of the most famous bays in Thailand.

"The sky was golden with the first light after dawn, we couldn’t have hoped for a better morning as we took our first step from our wooden long tail boat and onto the floating jetty on a tropical island filled with mystery.
Clean white sand and crystal clear waters greeted us as we walked out of the jungle and onto a paradise beach. Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Leh had long been a place we wanted to visit, famed for its filming location in the Hollywood film The Beach. The island sparked a thought inside us that maybe we could travel the world differently from before and explore locations just like this one for ourselves.
It was important to us that we filled our KINTO WATER BOTTLE with filtered water at our hotel, meaning we could limit the risk of leaving a plastic bottle behind and polluting the island. Feeling grateful that we got to see this beautiful beach not only uncrowded, but with the water teaming with wildlife, we walked along the shore one last time."
Pete Rudd
Pete Rudd is a British based freelance photographer specialising in outdoor lifestyle and landscape photography, and recently expanding into portrait work. Travelling the world over the past 10 years, his passion for photography has grown, enabling him to capture his vision of the world through his photos, inspiring others along the way.