Travelling with KINTO - Land Cruiser Adventures

Georg Roske is a photographer based in Germany, specializing in Lifestyle, Interior and portrait photography. He began his Land Cruiser adventures in 2020, with an aspiration to explore the countryside with his family. Georg shared with us about his adventures and how KINTO products accompany him in his journey.


I decided to buy a Toyota Land Cruiser built in 1989 with a classic diesel engine, restored in an original build and a Gravel bike for our rides in the countryside. Both are reliable and sturdy mechanical vehicles.


If you are in nature, you have to bring the things you need and a hot coffee is always on my top ten list. Because I am a visual person, the look of the product is important as well as practicality and sustainability. KINTO products definitely bring all three together.


So far, I have been travelling in Europe with the Land Cruiser. This trip was in Zwartemeer, a small village in the Netherlands located on the border with Germany. It was named after the black water of the moor lake which was the source of the Runde River. Zwartemeer was the perfect destination for treks and off-road driving.


Georg Roske
What counts for Georg Roske is now. With his camera he captures a moment and a feeling, which instantly becomes perceptible for the beholder of his images. Georg Roske’s work is about authenticity, which is always radiated by himself and his pictures. Georg Roske takes his pictures intuitionally and spontaneously but still the “perfect moment” must be well calculated. The application of the correct photographic technique is one thing but what makes Georg Roske’s pictures so unique, is his sensitivity for light, people, moods and the team that surrounds him.