Collaboration: OCIN

Canada based swimwear label OCIN and KINTO have partnered to create a custom WATER BOTTLE. Take a look and find out about the story behind the collaboration.
Message from Courtney Chew, Founder of OCIN
"I am a huge admirer of Japan and japan-made products and brands, and personally have been a huge fan of KINTO for so long. So when I decided I wanted to design a waterbottle for OCIN, I knew that I wanted to work with KINTO. Every piece KINTO designs brings function, purpose, comfort, aesthetic, and a focus on sensory experience together, while ensuring that usability, durability, and longevity of the product in someone's home are considered; things we value at OCIN as well. As a company it is important to work with brands that share the same ethos as us."
"We named the waterbottle the "Worldview Water Bottle" - the featured illustration is our representation of how we are all connected; that we all have a role in the ecosystem that we are a part of and the Earth that we all share; it's a reminder that we are all connected and like water, can turn ripples into waves when we lead with understanding, compassion, and appreciation for others and everything around us. The doodles were hand-drawn by me in collaboration with my in house graphic designer.⠀

We wanted to create a product that is quality, beautiful, and fits with each person's lifestyle- all the boxes that the KINTO's WATER BOTTLE checked. We want our Worldview waterbottle to play a small role in encouraging the switch from disposables to this one bottle that you can carry with you everywhere and keep you hydrated at all times. I love how lightweight it is, and how it is easy to carry with me wherever I go. I also love how the water reflects in the clear bottle and showcases our doodles."
(Photo: Alan Chan)
(Photo: Elliott Graham)
(Photo: Maks Eidelson)


OCIN is a lifestyle collective and eco-swim label out of Canada that exists to be a platform that inspires our most connected, curious and conscious selves, to help us realize our individual and collective impact on the world around us, and motivate kind and positive actions for the Earth and for humanity. Conscious design is core to our products. Each Chapter (collection) is inspired by the tones and colours of the Earth and Oceans, with our styles designed to function in and outside of the water and with quality and longevity in mind. @ocin