CAST - Glassware for Ease and Grace of Movement

CAST, with its concept of 'uninterfering design', exudes a simple elegance. Since its launch in 2008, the collection has been used and enjoyed in homes as well as cafés, restaurants, and hotels worldwide, and has become one of KINTO's signature collections.

CAST was designed by the late Kosei Shirotani. He once shared with the KINTO team, "There is something like an intangible 'spirit' that attracts people to objects, which is imbued by human handiwork or the fine finishing touches of proportions. It may not be obvious, but there is an undeniable appeal and charm. I believe this 'spirit' fosters our enduring affection for items which we enjoy over time."

In this article we introduce the story behind the design of CAST collection, which embodies Kosei Shirotani's philosophy.


Uninterfering design
The concept of "uninterfering design" was born by perceiving actions such as drinking or pouring a drink as secondary actions in everyday moments like reading a book, enjoying a conversation, or savoring a meal. The form of each item has been carefully designed with attention to detail to ensure that it does not hinder the natural movements of the body during our moments to unwind.

Proportions designed ideally for different uses
In developing this collection, we intended to "cast" each item into different roles. We worked to derive the optimal porportions suitable for each item and use, conducting repeated experiments and studies. The CAST collection offers a diverse lineup, allowing you to choose items based on a variety of scenes and different styles.

Rim for smooth drinking
The rim of a CAST cup spans slightly outward, by about 5~7mm, so that drinks flow smoothly into your mouth with a slight tilt. It is designed so that a right amount of drink would flow into your mouth at the right speed.

Stress-free handle
The handles of cups and jugs are designed to ensure that they do not strain the hand. The position of the grip, the point of force when lifting, and the gravitational pull on the cup or jug when lifted — all of these elements have been carefully considered in the design.

Material suitable for everyday use
Made of heat-resistant glass, CAST items can be used in the microwave and are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. While lightweight and delicate in appearance, the items are also dishwasher safe, making them suitable for everyday use.

Kosei Shirotani

From 1991, worked in architecture and design offices in Milan. In 2002, returned to Japan and opened STUDIO SHIROTANI in Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture. Along with his own design activities, he had been energetically involved in collaborations with university students and local craftsmen producing traditional arts & crafts in Kyushu. He passed away in December 2020.