In the Eye of Benjamin Helle

As part of France Design Week, Momentum store invited the photographer Benjamin Helle to create an exhibition and make a shooting with Momentum selection of unique objects. Benjamin Helle shared with us his perception of design and how he tells stories through images.

"The selection of products goes through two aspects of my personality: design through my training and photography through my family history.

When I see an object, there is a first process which consists of dissecting it mentally to try to go back to the first pencil stroke, to understand the technical constraints, the production choices, the colors, the materials and the shapes.

I discovered the KINTO brand thanks to Antoine from MOMENTUM. I was immediately attracted by the simplicity and accuracy of the objects. Like many European designers today, I find that Japanese culture is a great source of inspiration."

The AROMA OIL WARMER fragrance diffuser is photographed like a bottle: black background, indirect light to highlight the contours of the object. The difference here, and what makes the beauty of the diffuser, is to see the essence of perfume fly away and feel the heat of the flame that diffuses it. The strength of the image is to have triggered when the evaporation was the most sensory. ⁠
The idea of showing RIM bowls through the viewfinder of a Hasselblad makes it possible to draw parallels between the notion of craftsmanship and authenticity, highlighting the small flaws that make up the beauty and value of an object. The game of shadows is a nod to the work of contrasting the colors and finishes of the products.