Nordica 31

Renowned for their smørrebrød and freshly baked cardamom buns, Nordica 31 offers a delightful taste of Nordic street food, located in the Brederode neighbourhood of Antwerp.

After travelling for over two years throughout Europe, Lisa, the founder of Nordica 31, brought together her rich experiences to open up her own cafe. Her journey through Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland inspired her to combine Nordic cuisine with a Scandinavian interior. The focus at Nordica 31 is on local and Scandinavian products, prepared with respect for traditional methods and seasonal ingredients.


Whether savouring a specialty coffee from a Scandinavian roaster, like La Cabra and Coffee Collective, or enjoying the aroma of homemade cardamom buns, the experience at Nordica 31 is designed to make you feel at home, reflecting the ‘hygge’ feeling.


While at the cafe, you can enjoy a freshly squeezed juice served in KINTO CAST glasses, tea served in our unimug, or their signature smørrebrød served on FOG plates, complimenting the overall Nordic dining experience.