KINTO Journal Article Matsumoto Jujo (Japan)

Matsumoto Jujo (Japan)

Matsumoto Jujo pre-opened in Nagano Prefecture (Japan) in 2020. It is the result of an area-wide renovation project in Asama Onsen centered aroun...

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KINTO Journal Article Johnna Slaby(artist)

Johnna Slaby(artist)

Johnna Slaby is an artist from the lively neighborhood of Ikuno in Osaka, Japan. She has recently moved to Cambridge in England and continues to ...

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KINTO Journal Article Naeme (JAPAN)

Naeme (JAPAN)

Naeme is a pesticide-free edible flower and herb farm in Kamogawa, Chiba. It also offers foods made from wild produce foraged in the surrounding ...

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KINTO Journal Article zero two THREE (Tokyo)

zero two THREE (Tokyo)

Flower designer Namiko Kajitani established zero two THREE in 2016. Her designs are dynamic yet delicate, uniquely bringing out the hidden charm ...

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KINTO Journal Article Workshop Coffee (London)

Workshop Coffee (London)

Workshop Coffee is a coffee company based in London focusing on every aspect of coffee’s production process, from sourcing, roasting, to brewing...

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KINTO Journal Article Café Oberkampf (Paris)

Café Oberkampf (Paris)

Café Oberkampf in Paris is a coffee shop and cafe perfect for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. KINTO's NORI and FOG collections are used to serve men...

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