For Outdoor Ventures that Ignite the Senses - TRAIL TUMBLER Vol. 2

The TRAIL TUMBLER is designed for outdoor ventures that ignite the senses. The idea was to create a light, compact tumbler with enough capacity for activities like trekking and camping.

We interviewed Atsushi Ishiguro of creative studio OUWN, who designed the packaging for the TRAIL TUMBLER, about his inspiration and design process.
Was there a particular scene or object that you were inspired by?
“I hear the word 'trail' more and more these days in Japan, such as in the context of a run. For this project I imagined someone in a forest, resting on a rock or tree stump. After hydrating, that person unfolds a map to check the path, excited about what the trail will bring next. The packaging design was inspired by this sense of adventure and the pleasure of quenching thirst.”
What were some things that you focused on in the design process?
"I wanted to create a packaging design that would spark a feeling of excitement by getting people to imagine themselves actually using the TRAIL TUMBLER in a specific setting. I chose the map motif, because I believe it symbolizes adventure and excitement. I also added the lettering like it was moving along the map, to invite users to imagine themselves walking along a trail. The difficulty was suggesting dynamic movement with the letters without interrupting the delicate contour lines of the map. We tried many variations to reach the right balance."

Atsushi Ishiguro

Creative director and founder of creative studio OUWN. International award-winning art director, graphic designer, sign planner and web designer, experienced in various aspects of planning and creation. In addition to design work, he is also actively engaged in artistic activities such as "People and Thought.(PaT.)" (, merging thought with environmental and creative expressions and displays.