Slow Green Philosophy by Green Wise (Italy)

Green Wise is a Japanese company with headquarters in Tokyo and a showroom and studio space in Milan, Italy. Green Wise proposes indoor and outdoor green spaces and sustainable floral arrangements in line with the Slow Green philosophy, which aims to restore the diversity of the natural world and a lifestyle in harmony with it.

- Can you explain what the Slow Green Philosophy is?

Slow Green is a movement that Green Wise started promoting in 2016, which celebrates the beauty of nature in its purest form and generally proposes a green and sustainable lifestyle.

Most of the plants that we see today have been grown in greenhouses using chemical products and come from distant countries. Whereas flowers and plants cultivated in conditions similar to their natural environments, so under the sun, according to the rhythms of nature and without relying on chemical pesticides and fertilizers, show us the most authentic aspects of nature and the different expressions of the four seasons.

Slow Green means appreciating the form of nature as it is, finding preciousness and beauty in the grass, buds, flowers and fruits together with how they wither.
- We have been amazed by the Kukido concept. Can you tell us more about this concept?

Kukido, means the Way of the Stem in Japanese, is one of the most iconic representations of our Slow Green philosophy.

It is a new approach towards floral design ideated by our CEO Yuichi Tamaru, and it expresses itself through a composition that holds the flowers in place and balance. This design emphasizes the stems and their natural form, twisted and turned around in different directions from the wind and rain, exposing all parts of the flower, including the damaged and withered ones.

Those imperfections are proof that they have grown by their own strength and, together with their expressive and spontaneous forms, remind us to value the precious life of nature.
- How KINTO products integrate your Slow Green vision?

KINTO's idea of slowing down to unwind and feel wholesome, filling the everyday life with enriching and inspiring moments, is in perfect harmony with our Slow Green vision and the kind of lifestyle we aim to offer our clients with our designs.

And so are KINTO products and their aesthetics, which are elegant and have their presence but still blend naturally with any living space.

Being neither too strong nor too plain in their appearance, they are ideal for enhancing the natural shapes of the flowers and plants we use, their intrinsic charm.
- Originally from Japan, you opened a design studio in Milan. How do you see interactions between Japanese and Italian cultures?

We feel that our Italian clients receive elements of Japanese culture and taste we bring to our products and services very well. We probably have a very similar sensitivity towards things.

For example, the concept of enjoying the change of seasons is typically Japanese. However, it is fitting to the Italian lifestyle as well, thanks to the climatic similarities between the two countries.

A similar environment is also one reason we chose the city of Milan for our first headquarters abroad because it allows us to apply the experience and knowledge we acquired over the years in Japan.