STARBUCKS RESERVE® ROASTERY TOKYO opened in February 2019 in Nakameguro, Tokyo. ROASTERY TOKYO, the fifth store in the world, has an impressive specification with luxurious wood. Furthermore, the cask made of copper on the large roasting machine and the pipe extending from it are the best part. The sense of openness is so great that you can see the beginning of roasting with the scent and sound wherever you are, overflowing with the devices that make us excited even the walls and ceilings. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the roaster skills up close. A space that greatly stimulates the five senses is expanding.
We interviewed Coffee Specialist Kenya Matsuda and the product planning team.
-What are the select points for KINTO products?
Simple tools, operability and stylish design. In teaware, we select simple and familiar tones of TEAVANA such as PEBBLE, UNITEA, LEAVES TO TEA. “Starbucks Reserve® FARO Dripper & Mug Black” is also a major factor in the creation of an original color that matches ROASTERY TOKYO's world view.
-What impression did you get from actually using FARO?
I was surprised by the small functionality that I couldn't imagine from a simple look. The bottom of the container is a single hole, so it should be thought that it can be extracted well even if hot water is poured to the dripper's hot water guideline. Although it is a dripper, I think that it is not too refreshing and has a deep taste. It's difficult to extract one serving deliciously on a large server, but it's easy to enter, so it's perfect for a busy morning as well as a coffee break in the office.
-Currently, ROASTERY TOKYO has a lineup of four single origins and blends. How do you select coffee?
Dozens of types are developed over a year so that buyers can enjoy seasonally researched and selected beans. In ROASTERY TOKYO, it is important to determine whether roasting that matches the beans is accurate, and whether the beans are roasted firmly, not the color of the beans. The best degree of roasting depends on the bean harvest year and the temperature and humidity of the day, so the roaster adjusts in seconds. The reason for making roasting open is that we want you to experience the green beans from each production country until they are served as a cup of coffee. You can talk to the roaster at the timing after roasting, so please ask a question.