Mont-Blanc Marathon

The Mont-Blanc Marathon is a sport event with severals running races around Chamonix in the Mont-Blanc mountains in France. The principal course is a Marathon race called 42 Km du Mont-Blanc.
MRC team were at the Chamonix stadium, to train on the 100m track that offers an exceptional view of the Mont-Blanc. They shared their experience with us.

"The objective was to gain cardio for hiking in the region, as well as to prepare us for the trail of the high-forts (Morzine) which took place on August 7th. These escapades "outside Paris" are always moments that we look forward to, even more in this difficult period, which forces us like many people to be indoors. This outing allowed us to meet up with friends for a few days, to challenge each other in an extraordinary setting."⁠
"Since 2020, KINTO has supported the club in each of its activities. This stay in Chamonix was an opportunity for us to discover and use KINTO products such as the TO GO BOTTLE, the WATER BOTTLE and the TUMBLER STRAP."⁠
Photos by Anthony Maison