The Beginning of KINTO FARM - Shiga Prefecture Japan

"Immerse in nature, embrace the flow of seasons." — KINTO FARM is a new field for the brand and its members to further explore a lifestyle with a sense of connection to nature, the seasons, and community. Located close to the KINTO headquarters in Shiga prefecture, Japan, we have started to cultivate a 1,000sqm field from scratch.

Here, we introduce how the KINTO FARM started, what we are working on, and our aspirations.


The Beginning of KINTO FARM

KINTO's product range includes teapots, tableware, vases, and tumblers. These products have been greatly inspired by the joy and comfort we feel when getting in touch with nature and the seasons. From brewing a cup of fresh herbal tea, savouring seasonal dishes, closely observing the changing expression of plants, to exercising in the open air, our passions and curiosities have strengthened our desire to further explore a lifestyle with a sense of connection to nature, the seasons, and community. In spring of 2023, KINTO FARM was born.

Through KINTO's plant brand MOLLIS (available in Japan), which started in 2019, we have grown succulents and foliage plants in our own greenhouse. However, growing herbs and vegetables, getting involved in agriculture, is a new challenge for us. From working with the soil, to planting, harvesting, and learning more about the land and its processes, we hope to bring you thoughtful objects and lifestyle inspiration that bring comfort to your everyday life.


Partners of the Farm

KINTO FARM is supervised by Uenohara Herb Garden in Yamanashi prefecture. KINTO members had an opportunity to taste vegetables from Uenohara Herb Garden at a restaurant, and admired their fresh and vibrant flavour, which led us to approaching them about a partnership. In the first year of KINTO FARM, KINTO members are receiving regular training in Uenohara, learning about field cultivation and farming from scratch. The Uenohara team supports us with attentive advice regarding any questions we may have about the farm condition or any new challenges that we face on a daily basis.


Now and in the Future

In spring of 2023, we started by planting several varieties of herbs and lettuce. Through close observation, harvesting, and repeated tasting, we are working to find a line-up of varieties and cultivation method that would be suitable for our land as well as for our team members. Currently, we are enjoying our harvest among KINTO members in the form of herbal teas, salads, and aromas. As we go on, we hope to share to a wider audience experiences and inspiration originating from our farm.