tokyobike (Japan)

For tokyobike, bicycles aren't just about speed or transport, but are tools to make small changes to the everyday life. In addition to bicycles, they offer lifestyle goods including KINTO products to share the joyous moments in daily life. We asked them about their thoughts and impressions which led them to selecting our products.
— How do you select the products that you carry?
For us it is important that the products we introduce make everyday life more interesting, that the design places the user at the center, and that they have simple timeless qualities.

— Why did you choose KINTO products?
We like the simple design, the colors that blend into everyday interior, and the attention to detail that makes them so easy to use. We feel KINTO products have a lot in common with our brand message, which is to inspire users to find joy in everyday life.
— How do you like to use KINTO products? Can you tell us your impressions?
Many of our office staff are fans of the TO GO TUMBLER. Everybody makes their own coffee in our office, and with the tumbler we can keep our drinks nice and warm for a long time. The TO GO TUMBLER and WORKOUT BOTTLE go very well with tokyobikes; they fit perfectly in the bottle cage and the designs complement each other. We like to fill them with seasonal drinks and ride our bikes out to the park for a little break.


In the same way that mountain bikes are designed for the mountains, tokyobike is designed for cycling in Tokyo. tokyobikes aren’t just about speed or transport, but are about making small changes to the everyday life. Through bikes and various initiatives, tokyobike aims to help everyone experience the joy of exploring the their own cities. It is as much about the journey as the destination. / @tokyobike_jp