Travelling with KINTO - Mallorca

As part of their preparation for cross and trail races in Paris, French and Swiss Alps, the MRC Running Club organized a Running Camp in Mallorca, the Spanish Balearic Island. We enjoyed seeing how KINTO tumblers and carry straps accompanied them during their training sessions.


The MRC team had several objectives for their running camp. First, to continue their training in an environment adapted to their needs; Mallorca allowed them to train both on flat ground on the coast, and in the mountains in the center of the island. Second, to recharge themselves in a calm and preserved place, far from the activity and the frenetic rhythm of Paris where they live all year round. And lastly, to share a moment between friends and co-founders of the Club to focus on their objectives and think about future projects.


The training sessions on the coast turned out to be more technical than expected, the coast being relatively rugged and huge rocky cliffs overlooking the sea. Running along this coast allowed them to work on endurance and cardio in a sumptuous and wild environment, including the Mirador des Puntàs.


Moments of rest at the end of these sessions were very much appreciated. Many wild creeks appeared around the cliffs. There was nothing better than a dip in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and a break on the rocks while cooling off with the DAY OFF TUMBLER and TUMBLER STRAP.


The team came out of this experience in great physical and mental shape, more united than ever with the head full of new projects for the months to come!

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