Toddler eating fruits with BONBO folk in yellow


It comes in sizes and shapes which are suitable for baby food and kids' meals. The items are made of durable material so that both kids and adults can use them comfortably. 

 Toddler holding a cheese


Organic, rounded shapes are simple yet unique. White colored surface of plates and bowls highlights dishes beautifully and the matte colors blend into relaxing interior spaces.

 BONBO plate in yellow


Made of durable material, the items can be used comfortably by kids and adults.

 BONBO plates blue gray with snacks and BONBO straw cup with milk

04 straw cup

The cup is easy for small hands to hold and the flexible silicone straw makes it easy to drink from different angles.

 BONBO straw mug in blue

05 straw mug

The straw mug is perfect for babies and kids. Made of a durable material and a handle makes it easier for children to grip the cup.

 BONBO lunch bowl in yellow and blue

06 lunch bowl / snack bowl

Stylish lunch bowl that can also be served on the table.