Iced Pour Over Coffee Tips - Path (Melbourne)

On warmer days, preparing iced pour over coffee can be a great way to slow down, relax, and refresh. Path, a brew bar and coffee roaster based in Melbourne, shared with us insightful tips and their brew guide for enjoying iced pour over coffee at home.
Coffee equipments can set a mood, altering your perception of coffee.

"At Path, we look for quality, aesthetics and functionality in all our brewing equipment. We try to create a slow and relaxed atmosphere whilst keeping the highest coffee standard possible. In selecting our brewers, we really took our time as we believe each piece not only physically impacts the flavours in each cup but sets a mood that can really alter a persons perception of their coffee. As a slower form of brewing coffee you can really set a stage of anticipation for each customer with the right environment and equipment."
A brewer that allows slower brew time can yield wonderful texture.

"KINTO's OCT brewer allows for a slower brew time which works perfectly when brewing directly over ice, as it ensures good extraction and in turn a wonderful texture. As a part of our cafe its curves and sleek finish also give off a sculptural aesthetic against our minimal backdrop."
Grind quality coffee fresh. Experiment and find your style.

"When selecting coffee beans, quality again is a big part of the selection process, if you are grinding quality coffee fresh for each cup you will have much more success. Overall coffee is a sensory experience and can be quite personal. We recommend experimenting with different origins, processes and varietals to find your style. Personally we love balanced, fruity and floral coffees on ice. We recently roasted a beautiful washed Sidra varietal from Ecuador that we’re enjoying as an iced pour over. Tasting of bergamot tea, mandarin and candied orange it’s the type of coffee you can enjoy in any climate."
Brew Guide: Iced Pour Over Coffee
1. Start by folding the hem of your filter paper and placing it in the brewer. Wet the filter using at least 100ml of water, making sure not to let the water drain into the carafe or cup that you intend on serving with.

2. Fill your carafe with 100g of filtered ice, preferably two centimetres or smaller in diameter.

3. Place the brewer onto the carafe and add 20g of your chosen coffee, ground medium coarse.

4. With a steady stream pour 50g of water in a spiral motion starting from the centre of your brewer, ensuring you wet all of the coffee. Using a paddle or a spoon, agitate the coffee by making a crisscross motion. This helps to evenly extract the coffee and ensure the coffee bed is entirely saturated.

5. After 45 seconds pour 150g of water in the same spiral motion, this time making sure to keep your kettle level with a slow and steady stream.

6. Once all of the water has drained you may remove your brewer and serve with a larger ice block, this helps keep your brew chilled without having it dilute quickly.
[Tip 1: Key adjustments]
When making coffee we treat each one differently. Some key adjustments that you can make when dialing in your iced pour over include adjusting your brewing temperatures and grind size.
[Tip 2: Sourness and bitterness]
If your iced pour over is tasting sour or weak you can try increasing your water temperature or grinding slightly finer. If it is more bitter or harsh try the reverse.
[Tip 3: Water temperature]
At our altitude and with our filtered water, we brew using a kettle temp between 90-94 degrees celsius.




Path is a small brew bar and coffee roaster established in North Melbourne, Australia. They curate a wide range of unique single origin coffees with an ever changing House Coffee List (roasted by Path) and a Guest Coffee List from some of the worlds best roasters. / @pathmelbourne