Our Staffs' Favorite Water Bottles

With summer fast approaching, we are seeing more and more water bottles in the office.
Read on to find out what our staff have to say about their KINTO bottles.

Tokyo Office staff W.T
"My favorite for the office is the WATER BOTTLE because it is easy to carry around with my laptop. I used to use the WORKOUT BOTTLE, but I switched to this because it's even more compact. It still holds 500ml which is great. I drink water without ice to keep my body from getting too cold."

Tokyo Office staff M.S
"I normally go for monotone, but I thought the new TO GO BOTTLE would be perfect for hodling colorful drinks so I went for the vivid yellow. Today I'm drinking fruit tea that I made with tea leaves and dried fruit. I also like it because the double-wall helps keep the ice from melting, the lid is easy to open and the spout is completely covered when I put the lid on."

KINTO STORE Tokyo staff T.U
"In the summer months, my preferred choice is my white TRAVEL TUMBLER 500ml. It keeps me well hydrated and the refreshing color is perfect for the season. I make non-caffeinated teas like Azuki tea and corn tea at home.
I change my bottle according to the season; in fall and winter I like to use the 350ml TRAVEL TUMBLER which I have in khaki."

Tokyo Office staff K.S
"I normally use two bottles at work.
One is the WATER BOTTLE that I carry with home-grown mint and lemon myrtle water.
The other is the TO GO TUMBLER. I like to use it without the lid like a mug for my coffee. It has better heat/cold retention than mugs or glasses, so my drinks are always a nice temperature."

USA staff M.E
"I really enjoyed how the strap made the tumbler feel so light, so I can see myself carrying the TRAVEL TUMBLER even more easily on travels close but also far away. This set would be also ideal to go on a long walk along the beach.
The engraving on the tumbler is very well done. It is technically impressive that my full name fitted on the tumbler without being too big or too small."(*This service is only available in Japan)

Tokyo Office staff K.F
When I feel like being healthy, I use the WORKOUT BOTTLE. It's perfect for staying hydrated during workouts, and the measuring marks make it easy to mix protein drinks too. The other great thing is that it's dishwasher-safe. It's a tough, easy maintenance bottle. I gifted it to a friend who enjoys dancing too."

We hope our tumblers and bottles help you achieve your ideal lifestyle.