Drinks to Enjoy with Glassware - Alcohol

Elevate your dining scene by putting a twist on your usual drink and selecting glassware to showcase it. Here are some alcoholic drink recipes to sip and enjoy.
Crushed Pineapple and White Ale
White beer pairs nicely with fruits. In this recipe we use canned pineapple as well as its syrup since the sweetness makes this drink delicious.
Ingredients (Makes 1 cup)
50g Canned pineapple / 1 tablespoon Syrup of canned pineapple / 150ml White beer
1. Put pineapple in a glass and crush into chunks, then add syrup.
2. Top with beer.
Crush the pineapple using a rolling pin.
Hibiscus Wine
This is a low-alcohol drink made with wine and tea. By using a liquid sweetner, you can create the beautiful two-layer color gradation.
Ingredients (Makes 1 cup)
1 Hibiscus tea bag / 40ml Hot water / 1 tablespoon Liquid sweetener / 70ml White wine / Ice as needed
*If using sweet white wine, gum syrup can be ommitted.
1. Pour hot water over the hibiscus tea bag and steep for 3 minutes. (Use a small amount of hot water to make the tea strong)
2. Put ice and gum syrup in a glass, pour in the tea from step 1, and stir.
3. Add more ice and gently pour in the white wine.
Frozen Watermelon Mojito
The bright red color of the watermelon makes this frozen mojito an eye-catching summer drink. The amount of alcohol can be adjusted as you like, for example adding more rum is also delicious.
Ingredients (Makes 2 cups)
300g Watermelon / 60ml White rum / 3~4 tablespoons Water / 1 tablespoon Lime juice / 1 tablespoon Sugar / Pinch of mint
(Mint and lime for garnish)
1. Remove seeds from the watermelon, cut into 2-3cm cubes, and freeze.
2. Combine all the ingredients in a blender.
3. Pour into a glass, and garnish with lime wedges and mint.

Recipe by

mocomeshi / Tomoko Ozawa

mocomeshi / Tomoko Ozawa

Became independent in 2010 as food designer "mocomeshi." Under the concept of "To design dining situations", her works include development of menus for restaurants, creative styling for advertisements, catering, and creating installations featuring food. Since February 2018, works as the food director of SHISEIDO THE TABLES. Published "mocomeshi: Omotenashi no Fudan Gohan" (Shufu-To-Seikatsu Sha) and "Otona mo Sandoicchi" (Graphic Sha).