Collaboration: koyamame

The specialty coffee roaster "koyamame" (Hokkaido, JAPAN) and KINTO have partnered to create a custom TRAVEL TUMBLER. Take a look and find out about the story behind the collaboration.
Message from koyamame
“We plan most of our products together with our fans, and it so happens that many have asked for a tumbler. We chose KINTO’s TRAVEL TUMBLER because we thought our customers would like how easy it is to drink from and its lovely texture.

We would be delighted if this tumbler becomes part of your everyday life, or if you could 'take it for a walk' like a companion.”
(Photo: Kinu Kamei)


“maoiqnokoya” is a small cabin/ ateleier in Naganumacho, Hokkaido (Japan) for artists and creators to come and stay. Born from this little cabin is “koyamame”, aiming to deliver coffee beans that everyone will enjoy drinking.
koyamame / maoiqnokoya

(Photo: Kinu Kamei)