Gift Inspiration 2023 - Vol. 2

Surprise your loved ones or treat yourself to a little something this holiday season. Here are some gift ideas from our team, to help you reconnect with your senses and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Thoughtfully Crafted Mugs
The CLK-151 series features subtle edges and curves, as well as a nuanced matte glaze. Created by experienced craftsmen in the traditional Japanese pottery town of Hasami (Nagasaki Prefecture), their expert touch makes this mug very comfortable to hold and drink from. The 100mm plate is just the right size for a cookie or two.
CLK mug
Enjoy the Colors of Tea
Watch the tea leaves slowly unfurl and admire the rich colors of tea through the clear glass. The LEAVES TO TEA cup with strainer lets you brew a single cup of tea whether at home or in the office without having to use a teapot. Keep your tea leaves and herbs in a glass canister to add a touch of sophistication to your tea scene.
CAST AMBER mugs have a nostalgic feel, perfect for hot milk drinks like chai. The rim of the cup tapers slightly outwards so the drink flows into your mouth naturally when you bring the mug to your lips. Gift with a BOTTLIT canister together for storing spices for hot drinks.
An Elegant Dining Room
The gentle gleam of brass adds a unique touch to a room. LUNA is a single-flower vase featuring a brass plate, and the vase and plate can be washed separately, making it easy to clean. You can also use the vase without the brass plate for a small bouquet, or cluster different sizes together for a larger space.
LUNA vases
Relax with Warm Candlelight
Introduce aroma and candles into your daily routine. The design of AROMA OIL WARMER is reminiscent of a coffee equipment, adding warmth to your interior space. Put 30ml of warm water in the heat-resistant glass cup, add a few drops of aroma oil, and light the candle. Feel your favorite scent slowly fill the room.
A stainless steel tea warmer can further enrich your teatime. The flickering flame not only keeps your drink warm but seems to slow down the passage of time. UNITEA is one of KINTO’s classics, with a friendly but refined shape that blends into any scene.
UNITEA one touch teapot and cup

Gift Bags
KINTO gift bags are available for an additional fee. View details here.
KINTO gift bags