Gift Inspiration 2023 - Vol. 1

This year, we asked Milan-based creative studio, and friends of KINTO, Fusillo Lab, to share their recommendations and selection of gift ideas for the holidays. We hope that you will find a collection that resonates with you as you shop for your loved ones this holiday season.

Set #1: Coffeeware
"Coffee equipment is one of our favourite things to gift, as we are so passionate about it. We love sharing knowledge with our friends, and gifting them a beautiful set with the brewer stand set, filter stand, coffee canister and measuring spoon would be the perfect gift."

coffee ware
SCS-S04 brewer stand set 4cups €178.50
SCS coffee canister 600ml €27.00
SCS paper filter stand €24.00
SCS coffee measuring spoon €26.50

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Set #2: Tumblers
"We love using the TRAVEL TUMBLER and TO GO TUMBLER as they keep our drinks at the ideal temperature and are durable for any journey. Both of these products are the perfect gift for friends who love the outdoors and take regular hikes."
TO GO TUMBER 240ml €43.00
TRAVEL TUMBLER 350ml €37.50

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Set #3: SEPIA
"The SEPIA range is a beautiful gift for anyone looking to elevate their tea and coffee serving equipment. This will be a perfect addition to a friend's collection, especially if they put in extra effort when serving guests with special tea and coffeeware."
SEPIA cup & saucer 270ml €33.00
SEPIA jug 4cups €33.00

"The TRAIL TUMBLER and strap is a useful and beautiful gift for friends in photography, as they need to carry everything with them while working, and being able to wear it on their body and look good at the same time is rare!"
TRAIL TUMBLER 580ml €48.00
TUMBLER STRAP 77mm €18.00

Set #5: UNITEA
"There’s no better way to relax than with a warm cup of tea. A friend who values their tea brewed with fresh leaves would just love this set with the UNITEA one touch teapot and matching cup. The organic round shape of the glassware and warm wooden tones of the saucer create a cosy vibe that invites everyone to want to make a tea ritual."